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First Nation Artist David Seven Deers was born 1957 in Vancouver. Most of his childhood years were spent in foster homes.

In 1974 David left school and was admitted to the Vancouver School of Art (presently the Emily Carr School of Art). After that he joined the school of life and traveled Canada and the US. He lived from odd jobs and then increasingly from his art.

In 1978 he went to visit Europe for the first time and spent time working in England. It was there that he had his first experience with stone carving and sculpture. He spent time in Western Europe while working on and selling many marble sculptures.

He then continued in creating life size pieces of Art in both marble and granite ranging in weight from 2.200 to 220.000 pounds. All his works were carved by hand without drawing or models. David found and freed these figures from his heart in the course of the creative process.

Since the early nineties David has returned to the original territory of his native ancestors near Chilliwack, B.C. Canada but worked on several international projects for example a Totem Pole carved from a 608 year old cedar tree as a present from his people - The Skwah band , Sto:lo Nation - to the city of Hamburg, Germany.

David’s sculptures are standing in public places throughout Europe and the Western US and Canada. He also published a book called “The People on my Shore” which was compiled and written by the elders of the Sto:lo Nation providing them with a written docu- mentation of their culture.

Today David lives on a mountain farm near Greenwood, B.C. Canada with his family.

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